Payment changes: an update

We regularly review our processes to ensure we meet our regulatory obligations.

We cover your patients under various policies and schemes, which we manage either as a private medical insurer, or as an administrator of trust funds.

Late last year we started splitting out your payments to show which area of our business covered your patients. We started making payments either from our insurance account (payment references beginning with GB31) or our trust account (GB33), depending on your patients’ policies. This began a series of changes to show our payment practices more clearly.

This year, to conclude these changes, we’ll also start splitting out payments made from our trust account (GB33) on behalf of insurance companies for which we provide a claims administration service.

We’re not changing your payment date or frequency, but you may see additional payments under GB33 when we pay you under a policy from one or more of these companies.

If you don’t bill electronically, you may receive an additional remittance when we pay you.

Q: What changes will I see?

A: You may see an increase in the number of separate payments you receive, but if you bill us electronically we’ll record all payments for the period in question in one single remittance. 

If you don’t bill us electronically you may receive an additional paper remittance, which we will send separately.

Unfortunately, our systems don’t allow us to put different remittances in the same envelope.

However, you could receive all the information in one place if you bill us electronically. Please see below for details.

Q: Can I tell from the single remittance where the payment has come from?

A: Unfortunately, the electronic remittance has no provision for our bank account information. If being able to separate electronic remittance lines is important to you during reconciliation, please get in touch and we will look to send you supplementary information.

Q: When will the separate payments go out?

A: We’ll send out all separate payments and remittances on the same scheduled days as before. You should see no change in when you get paid, no matter the number of payments.

Q: How can I get fewer remittances?

A: If you bill us electronically we put all payment information into one remittance. Please see below for details.

Q: How can I bill you electronically?

A: Please sign up to electronic billing via our e-billing provider Healthcode,