A new secure email service

What's happening?

From 23 October 2019, AXA PPP healthcare will change to a new secure email service.

If you regularly receive secure emails from us, you'll need to re-register your email address when you receive your first secure email via this new service. This will be the only time you need to register.

After registering, to access future secure emails you'll just need to enter the password you set up during the registration process.

How will I know when I get a new secure email service message?

The new secure email notification messages will look like the image below.

Secure Email Example Clean.png

When you receive one of these notifications, simply click on “Link to Secure Message”. If this is your first time using the service, you’ll be taken to a registration screen. You'll be able to use the new service after registering.

What will happen to my previous secure email service messages?

Before introducing this new secure email service, we used a service called Cisco Ironport IEA to send secure email. If you have received messages via this service, you'll recognise the screenshot below. We'll keep these messages on the Ironport system and accessible to read until September 2020.

Secure Email Retro Example.jpg