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Latest news

New credit note form

We’ve made it easier to submit a credit note or a recoup request to us (we sometimes need to recoup money if we’ve overpaid you, perhaps because an invoice was duplicated or submitted in error). Please click here to find our new credit note form, which you can also find on our Payment Support Service pages.

One telephone number to direct your queries

You asked us to make it easier to deal with our servicing teams, so we’ve launched a single telephone number for your queries. We’ve also increased the hours our teams are available to support you in person (to 9 to 5, Monday to Friday). We answer most of your queries on this website, but if you still need help, please ring 01892 503030 and follow the options. For more information on this service, please click here.

Payment changes

From 1 November, to meet regulatory requirements, we’ll separate your payments according to which area of our business covered your patients’ treatments. We’re not changing your payment date or frequency, but you may see an additional payment reference and an additional remittance when we pay you.

For more information click here.

We're changing our secure email service

From 23 October, we’re switching to a new service to send you secure emails. If you regularly receive secure emails from us, you’ll need to re-register your details in a simple, one-off process the next time we contact you via this new service. For more details click here.