Regulatory payment changes

From 1 November, to meet regulatory requirements, we’ll separate your payments depending on whether we cover our members under an insurance policy or a trust-administered scheme.

We’re not changing your payment date or frequency, but your facility is likely to receive an additional payment reference from us when we pay you. 

If you don’t bill us electronically you’re likely to receive an additional paper remittance when we pay you.

For more information, FAQs and how to bill us electronically, please click here.

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Billing and Invoices

I would like to upload a new invoice to Healthcode

AXA PPP healthcare works with e-billing provider Healthcode to manage invoicing. Please visit Healthcode’s website to upload your invoices.

If you need to upload documents to support a query on an invoice you’ve already submitted, please see ‘I have a query on invoices I’ve already submitted’, below right.

I have a query on invoices I’ve already submitted

Support for invoice queries relating to single and multiple members; AXA PPP healthcare, AXA PPP Bristol and Health-on-Line; plus general payment queries. You can upload information to support your query here.

Worried about fraud?

Please call our 24-hour confidential tip-off line on:

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