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Individual providers

Support for specialists, practitioners and their medical billing agency representatives

Individual providers are:

  • GMC-registered specialists who hold, or have held, a substantive post in the NHS or the Armed Forces
  • practitioners or therapists registered with their relevant professional body

Please read our terms of recognition for more details


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Group practices

Support for specialist, practitioner and therapeutic group practices

Group practices are limited liability partnerships which have agreed (or wish) to offer services to our members based on quality and cost guarantees. This may include treatment at physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic clinics or mental health therapy practicies, or consultations at specialist-led centres



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Support for hospitals, clinics, scanning centres and other facilities

"Facilities" cover the wide range of clinical centres where our members receive their treatment, and can range from hospitals to walk-in clinics.




Latest news

New Billing Principles

We've rewritten our Billing Principles to give you clarity in your work with us and better support for your patients’ care. You can find the new Principles on our Schedule of Procedures and Fees page.

Changes to improve how we work

We’re simplifying the number of systems supporting your patients and your practice. This means changing some of your patients’ membership numbers.
Please check the membership number your patient gives you when you submit invoices. It may be different from the membership number stored in your own records.
Please use the new number, and update your systems accordingly.

Anaesthetists: please use the right code for deep sedation

When billing us for providing deep sedation during a procedure, we ask that anaesthetists use code X3520. (We define deep sedation as sedation using propofol +/- opiate.) Our published fee for X3520 is £100. Please bill this amount for deep sedation, rather than using our General Anaesthesia fee. For help, please contact our Specialist Fees Team, selecting ‘I'd like to...query your Billing Principles’.

Your queries: thanks for bearing with us

We’ve received a large number of payment queries recently and we’re working hard to answer you as soon as we can. Please help us answer you quickly by not resubmitting queries: this duplicates work and takes us longer to process.